Sunday, April 26, 2009


You guys sure are mighty quite these days. I guess you all are busy with summer projects in the yard. ;) I bought my paint for the bedroom floor last night and while at B.A.M. (Books A Million) I saw something in a book and loved it. I think the book was called Thrifty Chic. There was a staircase in it they painted white and then put stripes down the middle of it. There are wide stripes and narrow and even more narrow ones and just the color blue of my bedroom to. They used two different colors of blue in the stripes as well as a black in the very narrow stripe. So I am going to do this idea around the outer edge of the room. Going to start with the stripes about 12" from the edge. I wanted to use a pink in the room with the beige, white and the blue. Anyway I really liked this idea and am SO GLAD I found it when I did! I was so upset when I got my paint because I had chosen a beige color that was the color of sand and then noticed it was for CONCRETE! :( They didn't have any other floor paint in the color I wanted and I really thought it needed to be floor paint. SOOOO I wound up getting white and it has a 20 year warranty on it and has the primer already in it! So I wont even have to use my primer I have already. I can use that in the bathroom when I get started on that project! lol But I think I am going to take a short break before starting the bathroom. Unless my sistah comes and says, let hit that bathroom and get er done. hee hee It's amazing how much you can get done when two people are working together on it!!!! Totally amazing to me, because I am usually doing it by myself I guess.
So now I can paint the floor white and prime all at the same time and then I can put stipes around the edges. I think that will be cool! Would be even cooler if I could find a rug with the colors of the stripes in it.

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