Sunday, April 5, 2009

Still Fixing My Nest



Ignore those old ugly curtains. Actually I have them hung backwards. lol They are pretty dark blue and I couldn’t stand them on the wall on that side so I put them this way. The back is white and much better than the right side. ;) Just something temp. for right now until I get the roman blinds made as I already said. Anyway this is a shot of both sides of the window. I decided to put the terra cotta fish tea lights on each side on each shelf. I had some candles lite on the shelf and decided to get a pic. It’s not going to stay like this, I am just playing around with it TRYING to decide WHAT to put on these little shelves!

I’ve been de-cluttering our master bathroom. I had a tall wicker floor shelf in there and it was just way too cluttered looking with all my lotions and soaps etc. So I hid them away under the sink and got rid of the wicker. I will stick it out on the front porch or something.

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Karen said...

Hi Rose...I just scrambeled on over here from the CS Forum to see your bedroom make over and it's lovely.
don't you just love those creamy colors?
Very nice kiddo.