Thursday, April 9, 2009

Almost There

P4090575 P4090574

I got the smaller dowel rods for the sheers yesterday while in town as well as the little things to fix the small rods a finial. Well on the ends of the little do dad for lack of a better word, I was going to use a small wooden ball to finish it off and give it a finished look. Well when I got home with all my stuff, after going by Michaels to get the little bag of wooden balls, they had holes all the way through them and I didn’t notice that.  BUT I think maybe I can fix that with little dowel rods if I have some smaller ones. I got the green ones painted yesterday and was going to paint the smaller dowel rods today and get finished with them. BUT instead I decided I wanted to work in the yard instead. Man am I ever more sore now! lol Maybe I should have just finished the shelves. ;) I dearly love this green we have our living room painted. I had a gallon left so I decided to paint the shelves the same color so it all would match.

The white one is for our bedroom.

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