Monday, April 13, 2009

Doo Dads

Yeah, don’t know what you would call all of this but curtain gadgets! lol When we made my window shelves/curtain rod holders I wanted rods for both the curtains AND the sheers. I never could find small finials so I made my own. ;) I had found this little qt. size bag of these little wooden curtain rod hangers for .25 at the thrift store awhile back. I knew they would come in handy for something and they have! I used my band saw and cut the ends off, and then cut a small hole for a small dowel rod to join the wooden balls and what was the curtain rod hanger together. You can see what I am referring to in the pics.


Close up pic of the rod hanger and the ball with one hole and it’s also flat sided where the hole is.


I am letting them dry tonight and can paint them all tomorrow to match my curtain rods. They had a little plastic thing that you stick up in the ends of them that has a screw in it. I am just using that to screw into my small curtain rod for the sheers.  I’ve got to find me another one for my beach bedroom redo because I only have one left and I need one more. I’ve got plenty of the little wooden balls just need the rod holder.

So you see, I am working on the bedroom a little here and a little there. One day I will be finished with it I hope! My little niece that comes to stay with me and we have tea parties when she comes, is getting me something for the bedroom. She saw something in a catalog and told her Mawma, Mawma we just gotta get Aunt Rose one of these for her bedroom. I have no idea what that girl has found! LOL She is just precious and such a giver!!!

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