Sunday, April 5, 2009

Beach Theme Bedroom

I started back putting up some of my things today. Got aggravated and quit though. You’ll see why in a moment! lol I had moved that one screw twice already and my patience was just worn too thin!! When it wasn’t straight after me putting the level to it, I said that’s it, I can’t handle NO MORE! So I quit! I am to the point I am shaky my nerves is so shot. And this is ALL I HAVE DONE to the bedroom! I just cannot hang things to suit me. I have waited and even dreaded doing it and I said OK TODAY IS THE DAY!


See the shelf, it goes downhill on the left. This is the one I moved the screw twice and it’s STILL unlevel! PLUS I even used the level and got the dumb thing crooked! UGHHHHHH Not sure WHAT I am going to put on it yet. I just sit the sand dollar on it just to have something on it. I wanted the sea shell pix on each side of the window since I had 4 of them. I didn’t have two of the same kinds of shelves so I tried to match them about the same size anyway. You know it just hit me, I need to use one terra cotta fish on each shelf on each side of the window instead of using them both on the one shelf. See terra cotta fish tea light candles below on shelf.


Excuse my curtains. I am just using these right now until I can get my window shelf/curtain rod painted and hung. And then I am going to use a very long valance and roman blinds that I have to make as well.



This one is on the other wall between the two doors. It is up a little high because I am going to put our chest there under it. I’m hoping I still don’t have it all too high! I do that all the time!!!!

I have been thinking about adding a pink to the room in some of the accessories because the chanel sp? spread I had planned on using that is blue and white, my DD said it was just too much blue in the room with that spread. I just can’t go out and buy yet another one because I have like 4 already. Two of them has the pink it them and they are beige on the background. So I thought that might pull everything together. See the pink in the pic above? Then there is also a pinkish color in the beach canvas print above the bed.  I could add some pink pillows on the bed to pull the pinks out.

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carolyn@primitive~devotion said...

Whew! I have been reading your blog and finally found your beachy bedroom pics. It looks GREAT! You should be so very proud of yourself!
I love the little shelves on each side of the window and that they seem to fill the same amount of space and balance, even though they are different.
I am also impressed with your gardening and canning! WOW! Looks like you won't have to buy any veggies for a very long time.
Good for you! I know how much work all of that is.