Friday, April 17, 2009

Four Things to Share LOL AND THE ROOSTER

First off, I wanted to show you the shoes I bought my cute little niece. I found these at my favorite thrift store and thought of Hannah and just had to get them for her! I call them her Cinderella shoes! ;) They are new, not used by the way. We took them to her this evening and she loves them. They’re a little too big for her right now but she can play in them until she grows into them.


Aren’t they just too cute! I got DH a polo shirt, a set of sheer curtains, these shoes and a couple more small items that I’m forgetting now and my total bill was like 1.80 something. lol See WHY I LOVVVVVVE this place?

Then this same niece saw these items in the pix below and wanted to get them for me for my beachy bedroom. She told her Mawma, Mawma, we just gotta get this for Aunt Rose for her new bedroom. lol She is so thoughtful and I just love my presents!


They are seashells lights! I figured they would be neat above the window. As you can see this is one of the window shelves DH and I made.



And then she got me this cute little light house with the silicone bulb in it. Just too cute! I’ve got to find the perfect place for it. It’s about 7” tall but soooooo cute!


Now for the shelves. This is all of them and they are finished! :) I still haven’t gotten the other four hung yet. Been busy else where.

I just HAD to share this funny with you all! This evening we went to eat at a local fish place. When we were coming out of the building my DH thought he saw squirrels running up the tree close to where we were parked. The closer we got to the tree we realized it was roosters and chickens going up in the tree. There were several of us parked under or near the tree. As we got closer we could see the roosters fighting each other and one of them lost his balance and off the limb he came and landed on this truck! lol That was such a funny looking sight! I started getting out my camera to take pix and our daughter was in front of me and I noticed she was also reaching for her camera. Her pic of the rooster on the hood of the truck is MUCH BETTER than mine is!




Here he is coming back around to get back up in the tree. Lets hope he has better balance this time around so he doesn’t fall out again. lol


And here’s his friends still up in the tree. The tree was alive with chickens! I guess this is the tree they all roost in at night. You can see the two chickens toward the middle of the pic toward the bottom.

I hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend!

Make it a great day!


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