Thursday, April 2, 2009

Window Shelves/Curtain Rods

I got started on the window shelf curtain rods today. I got all the brackets cut out for the shelves and DH was cutting the circles in them for me. We messed up two of the brackets because the circle cutter ruined the edges where it was cutting the circle. So we wound up stopping, then going to Home Depot to get some circle cutters and some other stuff. Got me another board to cut out two more brackets with. I am going to use one of the shelf/curtain rod holders in our bedroom and the other four will go in the living room. This will give me more surface area to sit my pretty things on. I basically made up my own pattern after searching online for some photo's of the shelves. I am going to have two holes in the brackets and that way one large wooden dowel rod will be in one hole and a smaller one will be in the other hole for hanging my sheers. So since we have all the stuff to do the job with now maybe we can work some more on it tomorrow. Hopefully the weather will corporate with us! I'll get pix as soon as I can. :) I'm going to paint the one for our bedroom, white. I will probably prop up some sea shells on that shelf.
So hopefully tomorrow I will have pix.

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