Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bargain Shopping

While out and about today I stopped at my favorite thrift store and found something I am SO EXCITED about! I sew pretty often and do other things as well that this will come in SO HANDY FOR!  It was only 5.00 and was brand new. The packaging was still in tact like a new one. Still cardboard around it with the tape on it. I also found the hardback book and it was .50.

P3310540 P3310539

You can see a little of the piece of fabric beside the box with the lamp in it. I took the mattress out and washed the cover. I think it’s a little cot mattress. It was only 1.00. But the fabric matches my living room curtains sooooo well! I have it thrown across one of those fold up drying wooden thingies to dry. This is another pic of it below. The above pic of it is a better one but you can only see the edge of it.


Then I also found this and it was like .50 as well. I figured this might come in handy with my sewing. I tried it out tonight on a piece of fabric that needed ironing and it works. But really excited about the magnifying lamp!!!! 


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Bonita said...

Great finds! I need one of those magnifying lamps, but I'd need to attach it to my head. I had perfect vision until I turned 41 and then the vision went, along with an assorted sundry of other things!