Saturday, March 21, 2009

Wall Shelves For My Collections

As you know my DH and I got my band saw put together the other day. Back a few years ago before our shed burnt, we had made some shelves in our dining room to hold all my collections of tea cups and teapots. As I was cutting out all this stuff for it I also cut out the wood for shelves above our four windows in the living room. I didn't get to finish the shelves in the living room because the shed burnt and my band saw was also burnt! :( I had the shelves on the carport as well as some other boards or they all would have been burnt as well. We FINALLY got just a little from the insurance company on it and we built it back and then got a little more from them last spring and I got some more of the stuff we had lost in the shed. The insurance money we got didn't nearly bout cover our losses so we got aggravated at them and changed insurance companies because we had to keep on begging to get the little we got from them. Anyway I did manage to get me another band saw last spring. So now I can do my shelves I had started for the windows in the living room since it's put together. What I wanted to do is make the shelf with the curtain rod attached to it.

I was out in the shed getting the pieces of wood that I had cut out this evening. I noticed I had another long board that I had forgotten about that I had stuck out there after we had the shed built back. So I think I am going to make me a shelf for my bedroom window as well. That way I can put sea shells and other things on the shelf in there and have more shelf space. Nobody can have enough of that huh? ;)

On the shelves for the living room I am going to paint them the color of the walls in there which is that pretty green. That way they will blend in with the walls and you will only notice what's on the shelves hopefully. Then the one for the bedroom I think I am going to paint white because the rod and the finials are white as well.

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carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Sounds like a great plan! I'm impressed that you have your own saw and use it. I'm not clumbsy or anything, but my hubby is afraid to let me use his power tools. LOL!