Friday, March 6, 2009


Someone on the decorating forum wanted to see the chandelier I did. I bought the base of it at Kirklands awhile back and painted it the country white color. It was an old rusty looking color. I then added the prisms to it. Then later on Kirklands put them on clearance and I bought another one. So I did another one so they would match. My plans are to use the small candle type electric lights in it. It had a piece hanging in it with 3 votive cups in it for candles.

Also I am officially FINISHED PAINTING the chest and the night stand! YESSSS I just put the second coat of paint on them. Now I can't wait to put the knobs on the drawers and stick them where they belong so I can see what it looks like all put together. Man it feels sooooooo good to be getting all this done! I am SO READY to get my house back in order. I have stuff all over the house out of our bedroom.

And yesterday when I had a free moment I redid something I had asked my daughter to paint for me. She's not going to like it when she sees I did that. :( I had bought some small brown Home Interior sea gulls off Ebay to hang on our wall, and I wanted her to paint them like they're suppose to look. I found some like I wanted them to look like and printed them out for her. I thought the tips of the wings were black and she did them brown. So I went back and did just the tip of them black because I like that better. I hope she's not too upset with me because I changed them! I should have gotten pix of those but I forgot to. I'm going to see what they look like hanging above the canvas beach print over our bed and if they look ok, that will be their home.

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