Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Too High? Ideas?

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Wondering IF these sconces will be too high or not? On the right side I placed a piece of blue tape at the bottom where the sconces bottom edge will be. They look like they will be to me BUT I have this bad habit of hanging things too high so I'm not really sure about it. Rhoda had hers hanging half way up the pic she had hanging and hers didn't look too high to me at all. I had my pic hanging wayyyy lower and had to bring it up some because it was just too low looking to me. Now I have it at eye level to me at the center of the print. Anyway need your advise before I go putting two nails each in the walls for these scones. :) My plans are to put a sea shell on each sconce, that is if it looks right. I have some pretty blue mosiac candle holders I could also put up there. In my searching on just where to hang these sconces I came across this.
I like the idea they have about using a color in the print for the sconces. So now I am wondering if I need to paint them another color (that's in the print) because I think that would look better than it all being the same color as the frame of the print. ??? Did I ever say before how hard all this is for me? ughhhhh
Also wanted to show you how pretty the lighthouse pic looks after I painted that old dark brown frame. I just sit it on the floor against the white wall at the bottom and then on the other pic I sit it on the back of a chair against the blue wall. There is a story behind this pic and I can't remember if I've already told you about it or not. This one was given to me because they said I had blessed them and now they wanted to bless me.
Also needed to find out what you think about the hanging canopy. I don't think it looks right myself but wanted to see what you all thought and also see IF you had any other ideas for using it in the bedroom? I hung it in the center and it definitely didn't look right there. :( I sure was hoping I could use it in there. Any ideas? I thought about putting a chair in a corner and hanging it above the chair but I really don't have a corner that it wouldn't be in the way of something.
I just thought of something else..... I planned on using those little chandiliers that I made on each side of the bed hanging from the ceiling. So I wont be able to use the canopy at all around the bed.

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