Friday, March 13, 2009

Window Ideas

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I am working on my window now in the bedroom trying to decide just what I want on it as far as a curtain goes. I have this really LONG flower print that is like a valance that is really really long. It has a pretty blue in it and pink and some more colors and is soooo pretty I think. It didn't match anything I had when I found it but I got it for under a dollar and liked it soooo well that I went ahead and got it. I have almost given it away so many times it's not funny. But every time I would get it back out of the give away bags. I just love this thing! lol I was just thinking HOW PRETTY it would be to use a thick wooden rod and wooden rod holders and paint it all a pretty white. I bought a piece of fabric to make the roman blind out of but I don't think it's going to match my long valance. :( It's a pastel blue. I'm not good at this sort of thing so I always have to ask my D.D. and she's not here so I'll have to wait until she can check it out for me. I could just make a white roman blind I guess. Anyway there is a light brownish tan color in this fabric as well as a pretty pink and also the blue with the white background. I had planned on using sheer panels for the curtains but really would like some color for the window since the room is white and blue. Anyway a couple of the pix I am putting up in there has pink flowers in them so I thought the touch of pink would be nice to. Also the spread I had planned on using my DD says is too blue because the walls are blue and it's just too much blue. So the other spread I have is off white background with tiny pink flowers crocheted in it with green stitching. I'm still working on the spread though because I really want to use the blue and white chanel spread. I am wondering if they make a white dye so I can try dying it all white. Was going to check at Walmart and forgot to check on that.

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