Monday, March 16, 2009

Daughters LOL

Ok D.D. says no on the little piece of trim for the chest. She says it's too much. lol You know me, I ALWAYS have to have too much! hee hee
It's rainy and dreary here so I can't varnish or paint because of all this humidity. So I am just being today. VERY bored! lol And so is Buddy! He is staying on his favorite chair since he can't sit here and lick my feet, arm, hands, or leg! I am constanly telling him no no but he doesn't get the message that I don't like a dog licking me. ;)


Susan said...

It's rainy here too and to damp to paint today. I agree with DD about the extra trim :) Love all the little shelves in the attic. I have so many little shelves myself...I just can't seem to pass one by. Love seeing your progress on your projects.


Rose1957 said...

Thank you Susan for your comment!
I think it's finally stopped raining here.