Sunday, March 15, 2009

Seashell Pix

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This evening my DH wanted to go to the Flea Market to see if he could find a handle for his muscovy hoe. I hope that's how you spell that word! lol It belonged to his grandpa and he wanted a handle for it. He and his brothers planted 5 pounds of sweet corn so I guess he's getting ready to hoe it. ;)

I was telling him the last time I was over there at the flea market they had loads of handles at really good prices. So he wanted to ride over there today. The guy there running the booth didn't have the handle he needed but the elderly man that makes the handles for him could make it he said. So he left him his phone number so when he got the handle he could call him so we could go get it. Telling you that to tell I went looking around while he talked to the man and I found a nice stack of 8x10 and 5x7 picture frames and the lady in this booth said they were 2.00 for the whole lot of them. I picked out the ones I wanted and told her she could resale the others because I didn't want those. :) I was just wanting them for the glass in them for my frames I just got at Hudson's for my seashell pix. I even got an extra one for a friends pic I needed a frame for.
I also found 3 plastic containers of plastic ice cubes in the shapes of shells and starfish at the same booth. I thought they were little bars of soap but it was ice cubes. They were only 1.00 per container so I bought all three. I thought they would be really cute in some clear glass containers sitting in the bedroom or in the bath on our tub.
So tonight I cleaned all the glasses and got the pix all put together and even got a hanger on the backs of each of them. I had this wooden shelf I bought a few weeks back for 3-4.00 when my sis and I were thrift store shopping and I want to put it with the pix.
I left the inside edge of the frames unpainted so the wood color would bring out the brown in the pix and I really like the way they turned out.

I've got it laid out on the bed the way I want to hang it on the wall. I have some small things I can put on the shelves like candles with sand or sea shells in them etc. One of the pix is blurring because I was trying to stand on a chair in there to take the pic so you could see inside the shelf. I must have been shaking and made the pic blurry. LOL


Bonita said...

I enjoyed looking around at all of your decorating projects. It's inspiring. The beach theme is so refreshing.

Rose1957 said...

Thank you Bonita for your sweet comments AND for your visit! I always enjoy you dropping by! :)
Yeah I'm having so much fun with this beach theme. I love the outdoors, well actually we BOTH do so this is perfect and so peaceful as well. I've gotten soooooo much stuff at really good prices because I had no idea what I really wanted to do with the walls and also knew I was going to do the master bath as well. So this way I'd have plenty of things to hang. lol
Thank you again.