Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hanging pix

Click to enlarge pic......

I got this pic hung but I think I got it way too low! :( UGHHHHH Oh well, will redo it. The sconces will go on each side of it and the poles on the bed (can't remember what those are called right now either) will be in the way of the sconces if I don't move it up some. I have a tendency to hang my things wayyyyy too high!
I just got done vacuiming the room and damp mopping it. It still felt sandy feeling to me so I mopped it. I put the ceiling fan on and the box fan as well as a heater on it there to get it dry faster. My plans are to paint the floor a light tan color sort of like sand is. I am doing a little research on just what kind of paint to paint on it.
Well I got the pic above our bed moved up some and the bed moved over to the middle of it. I noticed it wasn't quite in the middle of the pic. Got the curtains hung as well but I need one more panel to make it look nice. Got the second coat of paint on those sconces as well as the picture frames and also a little wooden shelf. I noticed it and thought I might could use it in there with an arrangement. Now what's puzzling me is this, since all my picture frames is going to be the same color, do I paint the things I am going to hang with the frames the same color as the frames? Like the little wooden shelf and another shelf I have that has 3 shelves on it that I was going to use in there. It is a pecan color. I think it would look funny if I didn't. And then was wondering if it would look funny if I painted everything that I am going to hang on the walls the same color? That's not going to look right either! UGHHHH What do you all think?

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