Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bedroom Furniture

I got all the bedroom furniture sanded down and cleaned today. So it's ready for it's first coat of paint. I also sanded down the filing cabinet I found at my favorite thrift store the other day as well. Got the life scared outta me with the filing cabinet. lol I had it turned on it's side taking out all the drawers in it cleaning it and I saw something fall down behind the drawers. It was something dark and I just knew it was a mouse! The company that had donated it had left loads of stuff all in it because it had fallen in behind the drawers. So when I turned it on it's side it all went tumbling. I got DH over there with me and we started pulling out the drawers and all I found was boxes of paper clips and a stamp thingie so I guess that is what I saw falling. I turned that thing inside out almost to make sure there was NOTHING in there! lol Anyway it's all sanded now as well. Hopefully I can get them all painted one day this week. DH is saying the weather station is saying everyday we have a higher chance of rain. My plans are to put down some plastic in the living room and paint it all inside anyway because there are some tiny little knat like things outside and I don't want those in my fresh wet paint!

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