Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Got One Done

Well I went with it and got them hung. I did move them out just a little though from the print itself because I thought they were in too close once I held the sconce in place. I really need to use something else instead of the little fish candles on the outer side of the sconces because it doesn't pull any color out of the print.

I think I'm getting it a little because it just dawned on me I could use the wooden shelf in the color it's in ("I think") with those starfish some where else in the room. I have several of the starfish. I'm going to sit some of those or some white ones on top of the print itself on the frame at the top.


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Rose, I think the sconces look perfect there. You placed them just right.

Rose1957 said...

Thank you Rhoda! :) Now I feel much better because I know you know what you are doing. Thank you again!!

Rose1957 said...

The ladies at the Country Sampler decorating forum help me a whole lot when I have questions. They are awesome to and sooooo much help to me. I was always the tomboy so to speak and never did get into house decorating much. I much more prefered the yard. lol I still do love the outdoors but not the tomboy I used to be so I'm trying to learn all this in my older years. lol It's not coming very easy for me either and it's SO frusterating! The ladies make it seem to easy like you do, and I guess it just comes natural for some folks. :)