Sunday, March 29, 2009

Rain, Rain and More Rain


All the bad weather the other night caused our pond to really get high which is perfectly fine with me. I love it like this!!!! This is a shot on the other side of the pond. You can see how close it came to being at the top on that side.

But this creek we pass ever so often is wayyyyyyyyy out of its banks. The Pascagoula River should be loving all this fresh water! This creek is close to a church and the whole church yard is covered in water from the creek. It almost got inside the church. The church is through the woods on the right side of the pic. The water is starting to go down now though, thank goodness!


Notice the fence post to the right of the pic. That is the very top of the post sticking out of the water. Notice how far away from the bridge I am, see the truck up there. It’s on the bridge.


This is a shot wayyyyy on down from the bridge past where I was taking the first pic. There is a VERY SMALL creek that runs to the right of this pic and they both have joined. The small creek is so small it only has a culvert under the road for it. It actually had rapids yesterday evening. See that one below.


Another view of it below. P3280514

Notice the rapids in the pic below on down in the pic. The water from these little creeks wound up being like a mile in length along the road. That’s just a guess on it but it was a long way. It was like traveling in La. along the bayoo’s.P3280513

The ditch along this road is really deep and the sides of the roads steep as you can see from the pic. No emergency area to park on. lol

The next pic below is in the church parking lot. Notice the gate how deep in the water it is.



Part of the church and the front and side of the church’s parking lot in water.

This is nothing compared to all those folks up north though that is having all the flooding due to the snow melting. That is so sad! They’re filling sand bags and freezing cold trying to do so, trying to keep the water out of their homes and businesses. Someone always has it worse than you or I do. I’m so thankful it didn’t get in the church! It’s very pretty seeing all the water and the green and I know it’s probably doing the creeks great getting a good washing out like they’re getting. I’m just so glad He did promise us no more flooding like in the days of Noah and the ark and He gave us the sign of His promise, the rainbow.

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