Thursday, March 12, 2009

Coming Together

The master bedroom is coming together piece by piece. lol I just got done painting those 4 wooden frames I found the other day at Hudson's. Got the first coat on them and will need to paint them again. Can't wait to SEE WHAT they're going to look like with the sea shells in all of them. Now to get the glass for the frames. My shoulder has been really bothering me since we did all that painting but I figured painting these 4 frames shouldn't bother it. I hope not anyway! Since I didn't get wild with it. lol

Man I think spring has sprung around here. You should SEE the pine pollen! Oh my goodness it's horrible!!! Everything is covered and I do mean covered in it. I blew the carport and patio off this evening and you should have seen it flying! They keep saying we have a chance of rain but we've not gotten it yet. I sure was hoping we'd get some soon to settle this stuff some. I am taking several thousand mg. of vitamin C to help my system fight against it. I sure am hoping I can stay well this spring! DH and I are doing a little in the yard here and there and I sure would like to get a bunch of it done, so I need to stay well.

DD (dear daughter) says noooooo don't paint the metal candle! She says she likes the texture it is now. I'll have to wait and see WHAT it looks like when I get the room all put together to see IF I need to paint it or not.

I sure hope everyone is having a wonderful week!!!

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