Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ponds Almost Full

Robert said it lacks a couple foot on this side that the house is on, being up to the top. It probably has 12 foot plus of water in it now. He said 12 but I am thinking more like 15-18 foot.

Anyway wanted to show you how pretty it is when it is almost full. Only once since we have lived here has it almost ran out the spillway. It lacked a couple foot that time. I just dream of it holding like this all the time. If it did, I would have me some koi in it!!!! Man those would be awesome in there swimming around. You can see the water from inside the house when it’s full like this. I just love it! It’s holding better than it used to but still isn’t holding well enough for me to put koi in it. :( One day, one day! ;)

As you can see, we had yet another storm last night. That one was much worse than the other two we’ve had this week. I was getting worried last night because it started hailing and the wind was really blowing!! The river down there toward the coast should have SOME KIND OF WATER in it in a few days with all this rain we have had this week! On the way back from Jackson yesterday ALL the creeks and rivers were wayyyyyyy out of their banks and into the ditches. Two of them, the water lacked 6” from being to the under side of the bridge. LOADS of water!!!!







I’m standing on the porch at the door on the last one. See the pine tree with the beige bench around it, the water level is suppose to stay up there about 1 foot from the base of that pine. Hurricane Katrina really worked on my poor pine. :( I should have let the core of engineers cut it down when they came to help us clear the mess up. But I wanted it left because of my bench. There’s loads of limbs missing on it and it’s an eye sore. :( It’s a huge pine but now that so many limbs are missing on it, the thing is growing like mad. I didn’t think about that. It’s already touching the inside of the hole on the bench and in a short time will tear up my bench that is cemented in the ground. It’s already pushing the legs out like crazy.

My other chair to the little table got blew toward the north Robert said. It’s out in the pines. I will have to go get it and sit them back up again and pick up all those oak limbs the winds blew down.

It sure is a beautiful day!!!! I sure hope everyone else is having one of these days as well!


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