Saturday, March 28, 2009

Outdoor World

As I told you in the other post I would come back and share the pix I took today at the Outdoor World Bass Pro Shop there in Jackson. We spied it while taking our daughter to the airport to catch a plane. So we came back and went to it. This is a really cool place! As you can tell by some of the pix, this place is HUGE!! I could have played there all day! LOL As you can tell from all my pix! I sure hope you all enjoy them. I had you in mind while taking them!!!

Oh by the way, this is as close as I’ll EVER come to a skunk if I’ve got anything to do with it! ;)


More pix……






My dear hubby soaking up all those live bass and catfish and other live fish in the tank of water. There was a catfish in there that was a good four foot long. HUGE one. I got a pic of it but you can’t tell just how big it is in the pic. It is the next pic below.




I thought the one above looked soooo real! Going after that deer. RUN DEER RUN! ;)

That’s all I will share for tonight. I have tons more! They had turkeys hanging from the ceiling in there. They had head mounts of deer, you name it, they had it in there. I could not help but think of our friend Shine. He would love this place! Next time he comes to see us we just gotta take him to see this!

More to come later!!!


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