Saturday, March 28, 2009

Teapot Handle Fixed


Wanted to show you all my teapot handle now that it's fixed. My online friend Rhoda over at Southern Hospitality told about how she fixed an urn handle on her blog with this air dry clay. So I asked her some questions about it and found mine at Hobby Lobby yesterday. My friend Sheila molded the handle for me. She bakes cakes of all kinds and does all kinds of sculpturing so I knew she would be able to make it look just like the handles on the tea cups. I've got to paint it yet but just had to show you what a good job on it she did. It will have to dry probably for at least a week because it is soooo wet here now due to all of this rain! I just wet the ends of it and stuck it to the broken area and as the air dries it, it's getting harder and harder.  As a thank you present, I found Sheila a little white teapot of her own today. She and her grand-daughter can have their own little tea party with it. By the way, this fountain of mine also is a music box as well as a fountain.



Also wanted to show you this pic. We were headed home today from taking our daughter to the Jackson airport and when we almost got to the town of Magee where they had that tornado touch down last night, the traffic was backed up for a mile or more. Lots of folks had to go to the hospital they said on the news. Their power is out, and several folks lost their home. :( One guy lost his due to hurricane Katrina and now has lost another one to this. Man my heart hurts for him because that has to be sooooo hard to take losing one home let alone TWO? Please keep him and the others in your prayers as they try to pick up the pieces of their life! This is the site we seen while having to go through that way going home this evening. The power trucks were working on trying to get their power back on. You can see the buckets to the trucks there in the distance. There was debris all over the place on the left side but you can’t see it in this pic. There were lots of power trucks all along the sides of the road on both sides working on the power lines. We noticed there were several businesses that had power through there when we came back through there this evening. I know that was a HUGE blessing to these folks!!!! Being without power for just an hour is for the birds!


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Very cute, Rose! Once you have that handle painted, no one will know it's broken. That air dry clay is the neatest stuff.

Rose1957 said...

Thank you Rhoda! Yes it is very neat!!