Sunday, March 15, 2009

Rose's Attic

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Yeah, been up in my attic this evening and man I had bought some things for the bedroom redo that I had completely forgotten about. lol Anyway I have little shelves running out my ears. These will get painted to use in there. I sit down today and jotted down ideas on where I wanted to put all the pix I have on the walls. Also some ideas for little things around them as well.

When you see my things and you have ideas, I don't mind you telling me your ideas. I might just like yours better than my own. :)

I got in the attic to get out my wooden curtain rod so I could paint it white for the valance. I guess I will have to cut out me some curtain rod hangers for them because I think I have used the ones I used for those in my dining room redo a couple years back.

Also here is a pic of my lucky bamboo I bought yesterday and fixed in the glass container for the bedroom. I had some little dolphins that I added to the rocks.

Also wanted to ask your opinion about the little decorative piece I was thinking about adding to this drawer of my chest. Does it look right or does it go? I've had it for awhile and when my DD brought it to my attention about that drawer not having anything on it and the others do, I thought about this piece. Of course I will paint it to match the chest. ;)
Anyway here are some things I found in my attic awhile ago.
I hope you're having a wonderful weekend!!!

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Daffodil Hill said...

It's looking good, Rose! I am really loving that soft blue and white together. You have done a LOT! I'm not online much these days, but just wanted to pop in and say "Hi!".