Thursday, March 19, 2009


By Joe I think I got it Rhoda! BUT WHY is it soooo blurry? Rhoda gave directions on how to make your pix large because the blog makes them small. Sorry it's blurry!

Excuse my mess of paper and plastic. I have all this stuff I have been painting sitting on it under the ceiling fans to get it dry.

I was just before donating this thing because I couldn't think of anything to do with it. THEN it hit me! Last weekend when DH and I went to the flea market I found some of those little plastic cubes you freeze for ice in shapes of sea shells. I just got finished painting the metal thing Heirloom White. I am going to sit it in my bathroom with the plastic ice cubes in it. lol When I picked up the ice cubes I thought they were those little soaps that are shaped in different shapes. Anyway I think they will be cute in it with a small hand towel thrown over the arms of it. Maybe I can add some kind of trim to the little hand towel to decorate it up some. I have a few of the little ice cubes lying beside it so you can see.


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Rose, just now getting back to you on the photo enlarging thing. After I posted that tutorial I found out a MUCH better way to blog & it's Windows Live Writer. Download that & you will have an easy time of loadings pics. I'm going to do a post on it soon!

Just download Windows Live Writer ONLY and attach your blog to it & start writing your posts with it. You can easily add pics and make them small, medium or large & they will not be blurry. It's great & you will love it! Try it ASAP.

Rose1957 said...

Thank you Rhoda, going to look for it now! Thank you so much!!! I just googled for it and found it through Microsoft.