Thursday, March 19, 2009


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Went to the thrift store today to take some things I wasn't using as well as some plastic grocery sacks that had piled up. Guess what I found? : ) I found 2 more sea gulls to add to the ones I found on Ebay. Mine were also brown and my DD painted them for me. Hopefully she will paint these to. Her plates a little full right now, but she enjoys painting. Anyway wanted to show you what I am referring to. Also wanted to show you the painted wall shelves. I wont use all of these in the bedroom redo but will probably use one or two in the bathroom when I start that project because I wanted it to match our bedroom.
Also I found this frame with the ballet shoes in it and was going to paint it and put sea shells in place of the shoes. As you can see I have it all painted. I put some sea shells in it but have decided I want four different kinds of shells. Also the shells I chose is too small. So now I've got to look in my sea shell collections and see if I can find 4. What I would love to do is find 4 that would look good in it from the ones I found in Gulf Shores on our last trip there. That would be really cool!! I haven't glued it back together yet so that's good. I've just got it stuck back together to get a pic of it. I thought about putting some sky blue paper or something in there behind the shells so they would show up better.
Also here is the little curtain rod brackets I cut out yesterday with my band saw. I've got to drill the holes in them for the screws. Also wanted to show you a pic of one of the brackets I have in our dining room. I cut this one out several years back for in there. This is how it will look painted but these two that I need for the bedroom will be painted white. There is also a little shelf holder in the pic at the end of the curtain finial. I have a shelf up at the top of the wall all around the dining room with all my tea cup, teapot collections on it.
Last but not least I just had to tell ya about this. ;) l I was taking a pic of the little shelves and our puppy, Buddy just HAS to be right under you when you're doing something. I knelt down to take the pix and here he came, so I took one of him to. Isn't he the cutest thing ever? LOL Can you tell he is SPOILED? ;)

Edited to add: I am sitting here with our windows open enjoying this spring weather we are having. Spring is definitely my favorite time of year!!! Anyway sitting here checking out my favorite blogs listening to the bob whites and the doves making their cute little sounds. Life just can't be any better than this! :)


carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Oh, I love how the shadow box turned out. I like the small different shells in there! It looks great!

Sage said...

Just wanted to let you know, I check your blog pretty regular (it's listed on my blog) You have such great ideas ..I LOVE all the things you do and it helps me with a few ideas of my own! I'm in love with 'white' and one of my bathrooms is based on the 'sea' as well! Keep the ideas coming..I'll be checkin often! !

Sage said...

Well..I'm gonna try again. I left this once, but it never showed up!
I LOVE your blog and visit often (even have it listed on my blog) You have great ideas that give me inspiration! I'll visit often..!