Monday, March 9, 2009

Thrifty Shopping

Wanted to show you my bargain I found today for 1.00. I had to clean it up some but it's shining now. :) I didn't have a mixer and had been wanting one sort of like this one. Now I have it! :)
The thing in the front on the bottom moves the base that holds the bowl in place so it can adjust to a larger or smaller bowl. I already have 3 different sized mixing bowls for this sort of mixer so that was good to. I had found those back last year at bargain prices at the thrift stores to. I LOVE those old thick bowls and they were like 1.55 or 2.00 each so I'd buy them when I found them.
Last time I was shopping at my favorite thrift store I found a kitchen trash bag full of white icicle lights and today I found some more of them. I left them on the patio so I could go through them and check them all to make sure all the bulbs are good in them. Then I can put them in the attic. One day when I need to park it to rest, and it's a pretty day out, I will play with those out there. I had even thought about putting a strand of them up on the patio for a little light out there at night when we're out there. I don't think those would draw as many bugs as the house lights would.
I also found another glass pillar candle holder. I have one in the attic that is a little taller than this one and I think it will match it. This one wasn't but 1.55.
In the morning I plan on going to a local thrift store and see IF they have a dresser that will match my chest. I'm ready to get it all together so I can put it all in the bedroom.


carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

WOW! That's a great find! I'd like to have one of those myself! The mixer I have is the hand-held type. I have always wanted a Kitchen-Aide stand mixer, but don't want to pay that price for one! I guess I need to hint a little louder to hubby! :D

Rose1957 said...

I didn't even have a mixer and had found one a couple months ago at another little thrift store around here but it didn't have the beaters with it. It was an older one but a really nice one. They wanted 8.00 for it but I was worried I wouldn't be able to find the beaters for it and then I'd be paid that for it and still have no beaters.
Just keep looking! You might just find you one just like I did! You know HE DOES give us the desires of our hearts and does supply our NEEDS! :) Just keep on looking!!!

Bonita said...

Wow! That's quite a find!