Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Online Friend, Georgia

We met on the water gardening forum many many years ago.I can’t even remember the name of the forum now but do remember it was water gardening. She and I had a love for water gardening and so we posted there a lot. The folks that had the forum for us to post on also had a water gardening magazine that lots of us subscribed to. That’s where we became friends and started emailing each other. Then several years later her husband Ben died of cancer and we really got to emailing each other a lot. I tried to encourage her because she was so down and grieving so bad. Over these past few years she would email me and say how much she missed her Ben. She was so lonely she said. My heart went out to her but as of Friday at 8:42, March 20th, she is with her Ben. So I know she isn’t lonely anymore and is really enjoying being with Jesus and her Ben.

She was a hoot. She was constantly sending me funny emails. One day I asked her WHERE she got all this stuff from! I smile as I type this because she made me laugh with her funny emails so many times. I have already been missing her emails because we emailed most every day. I know I will continue to miss them but I also know she is in heaven and in a much better place than we are in. I know she’s not having to worry about the state the economy is in or how bad it’s going to get, or anything else anymore. We never did get to meet each other and I sure would have loved to meet her! We will meet each other in heaven one day though. :)

She shared lots of stuff in emails and since I was going through menopause I don’t remember lots of it. :( I’m sure some of it will come back to me here and there. I remember her telling me several times about her grand daughter helping her out around the house doing things for her. She helped her clean out and declutter a room and that lifted up her spirits.

I am going to miss your Georgia and all your funny emails! I know you’re mega happy now and running around like a little kid there with your Ben. Hugs to you sis and I sure do love you! You’re already missed!


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