Sunday, March 15, 2009


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We had dinner tonight at a really neat place near Seminary,MS. It was a seafood restaurant. My sister has been there before and she told us about it and told us the way and we all went there for dinner tonight. These pix was taken right there at the place. I saw the waterwheel about the time I was to turn into the drive of the restaurant and I said hold up, I GOTTA go look at this and take pix! LOL I dearly LOVE old stuff like this!!! I could have played around here for awhile but our stomachs were telling us, lets go eat! ;)

This was built in the 1800's so the menu in the restaurant said. It was a gristmill, a sawmill, and rice mill and one more thing that I can't remember right now. The waterwheel used to be over close to the old looking building to the right of the pic but it was moved to the area where it is sat up now. That thing was shooting the water off it on both sides. You know as I go back looking at the pix I wonder if that wheel wasn't in the center there where the concrete is so wide. Anyway wanted to share the pix with you all!!! I hope you enjoy!

One of the pix is what I think, not sure on this but it just looks like an old general store to me. In my imagination I was thinking now that looks like an old general store and I bet it's name was, The Gristmill General Store. :)

OHHH and they EVEN HAD MALLARD DUCKS! Pretty ones to. I miss my ducks! :(

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