Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bringing The Indoors Outdoors


This was my 3.00 special yesterday. Not sure if I am going to leave it this color or repaint it. But it’s going on the large brick wall out on the patio. Then I will put some glass votives in it. Then I also found this little moon mirror. Not sure it’s going to stay it’s color either.


Also here is the mirrors I found but they wont fit in the holes like I wanted to do with them. So I thought I might just hang them. I turned one over so you could see that they have hangers on the backs.


Then I bought these next items for the outside in the fall last year. I still need to get those hung. They were 3.00 each. All the mirrors and a basket that I haven’t taken a pic of, was a little over 1.00.


When I saw these I fell in love with them. There are  two of them and they are the same. That looks SO PEACEFUL AND relaxing! My sister and I were out shopping at a little shop near her home when I found these.

UGHHHHH It JUST hit me! I could get the glass place to cut me a large circle out of a mirror I have here already and I could put it behind the large circle votive holder. Not sure if that would work though come to think of it because it doesn’t lie flat on the back because of the votive places sticking out behind it a little. Oh well……

I was outside a few minutes ago doing some measuring on the patio. The 4x4 poles are 13 foot apart where I plan to hang the curtains. The curtains are 17 foot wide. Then they are 8 foot tall. I measured all the way from the top of the roof to the floor and it was like 8’ 3'” which would be perfect because they don’t need to drag the floor. actually I could drop them down a little as well because that was from the very top of the 2 x 4. So they will be perfect! :)

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