Thursday, September 24, 2009

Shots Around My House

Walked outside to take my sisters dog out to potty and saw this and had to get the camera out.


P9240295 P9240294

Then from there I found more to photograph. lol



This is behind my fountain. I have 3 of these planted behind it. The other two get a little more light so the leaves on them are a yellowish color, not the deep green this one is. This started out as one small little plant out in the front of the house. I planted it in a bed I have under the oak out front. Then about 3-4 summers ago I decided I wanted to get some of it out to plant behind the fountain. You can barely see the edge of the fountain on the right side of the pic at the bottom. It is touching the fountain already. I might have to moved it back some later on. I LOVE these large tropical looking plants!!!

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