Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Old 4-H Recipe

On some of the blogs last night I read about them doing something really neat! They are using muffin tins for their children's plates. The children are eating all kinds of things that are good for them because this is a fun concept to the kids eating out of the muffin tin. Here is the link and their ideas. It's called Muffin Tin Monday. http://michellesjournalcorner.blogspot.com/2008/11/muffin-tin-monday.html

Today I was thinking about something. One of the bloggers, can't remember which right now, said she wanted bloggers to share some recipes they ate when they were growing up. When I got to thinking about that idea I happen to think of something we did back in 4-H that I thought was sooo fun! THEN I thought, oh this would ALSO be goodies they could serve out of their muffin tins to the little ones. By the way, I STILL HAVE my paper pamphlet with this in it from 4-H! lol But I don't have a little one anymore. :( She's all grown up now. This is a VERY EASY recipe to do and doesn't take any time at all to prepare. I have used the cheaper wieners from Wal-mart, Jenno's or something like that and they are just as good in this spaghetti sauce as the more expensive brands are. My whole family loves this recipe and so do I when I am in a hurry to get lunch or dinner prepared.
My recipe is called,

Saucy Wieners

1 package of wieners (really doesn't matter the brand)
1 pack of hot dog buns
1 can of spaghetti sauce

Boil the wieners, drain off the water and let them cool some. Then slice them in little circles about 1/4" thick. I have found the thicker they are sliced the easier it is for them to get choked on them. With the wieners sliced thin it was better for my little girl.
Then throw them back into the same pot you boiled them in and add the can of spaghetti sauce. Cook them for just a few minutes in the spaghetti sauce. Seems like it's like 10-15 minutes on med. low heat so they don't splatter.
The way my pamphlet said to serve this is over toasted hot dog buns but you can cut the buns in half and not toast them and put in the tin and then add the saucy wieners to another hole in the tin. They can just eat them and take a bite of their buns. OR you could even pinch off pieces of the bun and throw in the hole of the tin, either way would be neat. You could also serve some cheese in one hole, and maybe some chips in another hole.

Men really like this recipe because it's lots of meat. I have even used toasted hamburger buns and my DH likes those best.

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Michelle Sybert said...

GREAT idea with the saucy wieners! I am so glad you enjoy muffin tin mondays! I hope you will join us this coming week! Just leave me a comment with a link your post with a photo of your tin! We would be glad to have you!