Thursday, November 27, 2008

Our Thanksgiving Table AND Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Click to enlarge pics... By the way.... the napkins ARE a brownish color AND the candles! For some reason the colors aren't true on here.

OK I finally got my table fixed for Thanksgiving with the help of the ladies at the Country Sampler Forums and Carolyn which is also there but has her own blog. Anyway as I promised you all I would have pix. Here they all are. I had fits today trying to find fall stuff to match. The reason I didn't go with the gold napkins was because it clashed with the gold on the plates. I tried finding a different colored gold but then couldn't find the candles to match that! SO I finally found these napkins and believe it or not I had found the candles at Michael's and then the napkins at Wal-Mart. I got all the pumpkins and fall stuff for 75% off at Big Lots. I never did find the wooden candles sticks I wanted but I WILL find some before NEXT Thanksgiving! ;) OHHHH I also found me a glass cornucopia for 1.55. I am using that on the cabinet.

I fixed up the sideboard to sit our food on so the table wouldn't be soooo crowded out.

OK before I forget this I have JUST GOT to tell you that little clear bowl there on the table came from the thrift store today for only .55! It had a lid with it and the little knob was broken on the lid. When I picked the lid up I felt it broken but when I saw THAT BOWL I JUST LOVED it and just knew right then, THAT was the dish for my homemade cranberry sauce! That will be soooooooo pretty in there!!!

We lite the candles so you could see it with the candles tonight.

Our menu....

Corn Chowder Soup for starters

Fried turkey

Cornbread dressing


Homemade cranberry sauce from Punky and man that stuff IS good Punky! Can't believe I am saying that either! LOL

Green Beans


Sweet Potato Pie

Oh and we have some sparkling white grape for the goblet glasses. And iced tea for the glasses.

So ladies let me know what you think. Have I got it this time? :) I sure hope you like it!!!


Edited to add this pic..... A friend of mine gave me the little pumpkin with the Bible scripture on it. Since it didn't show up well last night I took another pic of it. She doesn't know it's part of my Thanksgiving table. ;) She told me to sit it in my window when she gave it to me, which I did until now.


buckeyesue said...

Okay, Rose, you got it! It looks absolutely beautiful!

Oh, that cut glass bowl for your cranberry sauce is so pretty.

And, thank you for posting the picture with the candles lit, because it is beautiful with the light bouncing off of all of the glass glasses and dishes.

Oh, would you mind taking a picture of your glass cornucopia? I would love to see that.

The decorations are beautiful. I think I will take a trip to our Big Lots this weekend!

Happy Thanksgiving, Rose!

Connie said...

Rose, you did an outstanding job. Your Thanksgiving Table is beautiful and the glass bowl was a steal. The cranberry sauce will look awesome in your beautiful bowl.

Enjoy your day!

Anonymous said...

YES! Your table is beautiful. Great job. That menu sounds delicious. Hope you and your family have a nice Thanksgiving. Josie

Rose1957 said...

Ahhhh thank you ladies! I couldn't of done it without you all!
Yes Sue I sure can take a pic of my cornucopia! I found it at the thrift store while searching for those wooden candle sticks! I got to thinking, lol, I probably have some in the attic in a box and just don't remember. ;)
About the cornucopia, I really don't have it decorated, just tossed some left over pumpkins in it.

Char said...

that is a beautiful setting....great job!

Karen said...

Rose how absolutely awesome.
Looks like something set for a magazine.