Monday, April 4, 2011

Pretty Landscaping

Who says you can’t find pretty things to photograph at the hospital? This is a pic hanging up in the hallway. I would LOVE for my front yard to look like THIS! Isn’t it pretty? Dogwoods, pines, azaleas and hedge and pine straw paths! We have an area on the other side of our pond that is almost bare that would be soooooooooo pretty done like this!

front yard

Stopping to smell the roses here and there……….

Fountain, crepe myrtles and azaleas.

up high view

I love all these arbors. Look at that view!


Someone did a great job at landscaping the lawns. I love all the curvy beds. Excuse my Coke Cola reflection on the window. I bet by the middle of the summer this grass will be lush and green.

curving flower bedsIgnore the construction work and just look at the view here!Smile

curvy good shot


good shot

Little outside dining area.

outside dining

Little patio.


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