Sunday, December 7, 2008

It's Getting Closer

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Thank you sistah! :) And I'll just have to post you some pix of those gingerbread men when I get the spray on them. I want to use some of the little narrow 1/4" wide red satin ribbon to hang them with.

Well I got all the Old Country Rose dishes out of the china cabinet and put in the green and beige ones.
I put my bed tray on the china cabinet trying to decide how I want to use it. I LOVE this bed tray but have never been able to figure out how to use it that it's NOT in the way. Then when I do use it I don't like how it looks. UGHHHH anyway I put it in here to try and figure out someway to use the thing. I am also NOT finished with the top of the china cabinet. Playing around with it right now but want to do something Christmasy up there or on the shelf area one.
I put my Old Country Rose tea cups and saucers and the teapot in the little tall cabinet I have in there. The one that has the little glass windows in it that's in the corner in one of the pix. They look really neat in there to. I had to have somewhere to put them to keep them from getting broken.
I don't know if the red I am decorating for Christmas with is going to look right with these green dishes or not. ????? SO I may have to tone down the red if I decorate that cabinet.
Oh I also stuck me a small centerpiece on the table. lol Don't know if that's staying or not.
Got one more thing to go through in the living room and then I can start putting the things up in the attic.
You know as I was looking at these pix I was thinking maybe I need to move that last shelf of green dishes on the china cabinet on down to the other shelf. I think that might look better. That way it wont be sooooooo much green all together.

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carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

I think red will look great with your green dishes. And it will have that fresh new look that designers are using. They are using a very similar green.