Sunday, December 28, 2008

Bellingrath Gardens Pix

click to enlarge pix....

As I said, here are the pix of where we went and took pix. I will do just a few at a time because I have over 100 pix. lol They have a few new things since we went last and I will have to share my all time favorite one tomorrow with you. They didn't hand out the info paper tonight because there were herds and herds of people there and maybe they had ran out before we got there or they just don't do that anymore. ??? Anyway We loved it and are just in awe at all the lights and time they put into this!!! It's just awesome awesome! I was crying as I was walking through it because it's just so moving to know folks do this for others enjoyment.
More to come later. Come back and visit me tomorrow and maybe I can post some more of them.

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