Sunday, December 28, 2008

Under the Sea- Part 2

NOTE: Be Sure to click on the pix to make them larger so you can REALLY see them!

Under the Sea Christmas decorations at Bellingrath Gardens. I will be posting just a few of the pix I took down there last night over the next few days. Although THIS one WAS MY FAVORITE! :) I will have to do another post on this one because it was so awesome I went nutz taking pix! LOL They had octopus, starfish, stingrays, crabs, and all kinds of other sea critters. Just too kewl! Like I said, this part was my favorite! They had the lights strung up over your head so it was like you were under the water. Then the sea critters were all along the sides. Notice the flagstone path how it glistens from all the lights.

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Daffodil Hill said...

Incredible pictures! This display must be amazing in person! Wow!