Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas At Our House

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Ok I FINALLY got a chance to get started decorating for Christmas! My hubby even joined in this year since the daughter was off courting. She did manage to come in right after 10 p.m. and help us though. We were just starting to put the ornaments on it. It was VERY NICE with everyone helping decorate it this year. That's VERY RARE around here! lol I noticed after I took the pix and put them on here that one of my streamers on the trees bow needed to be moved over. It was over the other one. :) So that's fixed now.

First off I have to show you a pic of this puppy of ours! lol He's mega spoiled already and I do think he really loves me! ;) Anytime I am in the floor, I am fair game for him to come attack. I was in the floor trying to get pix of things under the tree and here he comes. I see him coming so I am at his level so I think, good photo moment here. So I TRY to get a pic and he's wayyyyyyy too close. So I back him up with my hand and hold him in place to get a close up shot. It turned out rather cute if I do say so myself. ;) I had to lighten it up so you could see it so that messed it up some. I really NEED to put a red bow around his neck and take a pic!

The little manger scene lamp, my sister brought that to me one year. I thought that was so sweet of her and I LOVE IT! It's soooo cute! You know how I LOVE lamps! Well she DOES TO! LOL So it runs in the family! hee hee I have found out that I also have that problem with tables AND wooden picture frames! LOL When I cleaned out the attic you would NOT BELIEVE HOW MANY I HAD UP THERE! Oh dear! Anyway BACK to the Christmas decorations. ;)
Hubby bought me this cute little carousel many years ago. Since I was decorating with red this year I decided to use it again. A friend gave me the little glass car with Santa filled with all kinds of critters. I thought it was just too cute! lol He knows I like to decorate for Christmas so when I was helping them pack up stuff he brought that thing to me and said here, here's you something else to decorate with. I tried to get a close up so you could see all the stuff in this car! LOL
Our daughter bought me the little gingerbread men at Cracker Barrel this year and a few years back she bought me the little red birds with the little diamond shape above them. I dearly love these because they are like iridescent in color. I dearly LOVE ANYTHING THAT SHINES! ;)

I tried to do close ups so you could see what all was on the tree.
Also I need to explain something because I know I will be asked about them. ;)
The gingerbread men, :( well lets just say they did NOT work out! I put them in the microwave to dry them out some because they were soft. That hardened them some what. THEN when I sprayed the varnish on them, that softened them BACK UP! I had already done the hole for the red satin ribbon I had planned to put in them. But had used fishing line for hanging them up so I could spray the varnish on them. Then I was going to take that off when they dried and add the red satin ribbon. They dried a good 4 days or more and I started trying to get the satin ribbon in and the hole would rip out, they were still TOO SOFT! :(
I've got to decorate our mantel and something in the dining room and then I think I will be done. That is except for the mailbox. I also did a wreath on the backdoor. I forgot to get a pic of that. I will do that tomorrow if I can remember.
I wanted to add some lights to my centerpiece with the sleigh in it but with the puppy he wants to chew on cords right now and I knew it would be too much of a temptation for him, so I didn't add them since they would be kind of low for him to get at.
Hey you can leave me comments if you'd like. I love those. :)
Merry Christmas everyone!!!


21stCB said...

Every year, your home is so beautiful! This year is no exception. I am in awe of what you have done to the "dark" mirror. I love the decorations! Gorgeous! So happy for you/your family and BUDDY, too!

Connie said...

You did a great job Rose. Everything looks warm and inviting. I love the lights at Christmas - they put such a neat glow in all the rooms. You sure have been busy. It was neat that all three of you got to trim the tree.

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Congrats on the new puppy! He's adorable! We gto one too, only she is about 9 months old and a shelter rescue.
Your home looks great!

Have a great week!

Daffodil Hill said...

Everything looks SO PRETTY, Rose! And that little Buddy is just a doll! : )

This Country Girl said...


Your tree looks so pretty all aglow! It's hard for us to catch Colt at home these days to help with the tree anymore, so I'm so glad your daughter did get to help!

And your puppy is adorable. What a cute face!

Merry Christmas!
Tammy (TammyS on CS Forum)

Karen said...

OMGosh Rose your home is so pretty and elegant! You certainly have a great taltent for this.
Puts my decorating to shame!

the primitive country bug said...

Your home is beautiful! The tree is just breathtaking and I LOVE the carousel horses!!
Your little puppy dog is so cute too. thanks for sharing your little corner of the world. :)
Hugs & blessings~ Birgit

Anonymous said...

Rose, your tree looks absolutely beautiful!! It always makes it real nice when everyone can help decorate the Christmas tree! I always loved it when our kids helped decorate it when they were still living at home.

Buddy sure is a cute puppy dog! I love the pictures you've shared with us of him!

Merry Christmas to you and your family Rose, and I'll catch you here on your blog again and on the Country Sampler forums too!