Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Puppy Dog

Wanted you to meet our little 7 week old Boston Terrier puppy dog. We haven't named him yet. I think Sport would be a good name but DH didn't seem to like that one but he's coming up blank on any names he said. lol

He's saying this will be HIS Christmas present. ;) So I guess HE gets to take it out to potty all the time. hee hee Serious, it's taken us a looooong time to get over losing our little Chipper and we still cry when we think about him. He was such a great little dog!!!

This one seems very very shy acting. I sure am hoping we can get it out of that because he really doesn't need to be shy. We're just used to Chipper being hyper I guess and this one sits still in your lap and is like you don't even have anything in your lap. lol It's VERY weird! I was worried about it being sick because it acts a little funny to me since we're used to hyper, but when you put it down on the ground it plays and runs around. It's only 7 weeks old to. It's mom also had to have a c-section because he was the only one and he got so big she couldn't have him without the c-section. So I guess since he was the only one born he's a little shy. The lady had another litter from some of her other Bostons and so she put him in with those as he got older so he would be used to the other dogs and not be a hermit. lol Maybe he's just a little unsure right now. We will love him to death though so I just know he's going to be fine. The litte knot on top of it's head is due to him being in the birth canal for so long they said. They assured us it would do away as he grows some.
Wont he be cute with a little red ribbon tied around his neck?
There just wont be no replacing Chip! :( Yesterday was the day we had to have him put to sleep to. SADDDDD DAY! :(


Daffodil Hill said...

He's ADORABLE! So glad you feel ready for another pup. I know how much you have missed Chip. That shyness will disappear in no time. :)

21stCB said...

Rose! He looks like Chipper to me. Awe, cute! Hopefully, he won't be shy for long. Congrats!