Monday, December 15, 2008


Well Buddy is doing very well. He had his first Dr's visit today for a good check-up and he did soooooooo good with his shots. He didn't whimper or jump. He's already spoiled rotten to. He's keeping hubby and I really busy. One of us has to keep a hawk eye on him all the time or he's into something or having to go potty. He already knows what no no means. lol He's heard it enough!!!! ;) He is so funny and keeps us laughing. I made him mega mad the other day with me lightly slapping the sides of his face, playing with him of course. But do you know he would come back for more every time!! I was in the kitchen tonight trying to bake some pecan pies so I blocked the doorway so he would have to stay in there with me and not on the carpet in the living room where I couldn't see him. ewwwww he DID NOT like being shut out of the living room! lol

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carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

LOL! We are enjoying playing with our new doggy too. She showed me how naughty she could be yesterday. If you missed it, you must stop by my blog and read about it! LOL!