Saturday, December 6, 2008


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I have started today pulling off all the whatnot's off the shelves and tables to Christmas decorate. I rearranged the dining room and man it looks sooooooooooo much better like this! Although I DO HATE to put something in front of my windows I did put the sideboard because it's under the windows and doesn't block the view. BUT I still hate putting anything in front of them because it makes it harder to get to the curtains to pull them back everyday. Anyway it looks much nicer like this though because the table and the china cabinet is long ways like the sideboard and it makes the room look larger. ANYTHING to make it look larger! LOL

Here are some pix of my rearranged dining room. Ignore my drying gingerbread men on the table and my unpainted curtain rod. ONE OF THESE DAYS I AM going to paint the thing! I have a few spots that need touching up in there as well! I really don't have anything arranged on the table center or on the top of the sideboard or the curio cabinet because I plan on decorating it for Christmas. So I'll have to move some of what is there now. I think I am going to decorate the china cabinet and the sideboard for Christmas and just use a small centerpiece for the table. I am still in the thinking mode trying to figure out WHAT to do. I am just now putting away all the fall and Thanksgiving decorations! lol I did manage to get the Christmas table cloth and place mats on the table today. :)
I have also decided in this moving around today that I am going to take all that off the top of my china cabinet and put something else up there. It's too much I think. I am doing my dead level best to get rid of some clutter!!!!!
I am STILL working on some boxes I had in the attic as well. Trying to go through those and see what I want to keep and what needs to be gone from here.
Now the living room is next and then I'll have to stick all the items I took off the shelves into the attic while my Christmas decorating things are out. It's wayyyyyy too cluttered in this small house to use my normal decorating things as well as my Christmas decorating things at the same time. So one goes in the attic while the other stays out.
I'm thinking about putting the off white and green dishes in my china cabinet for Christmas and putting the Old Country Rose ones up for awhile. Since my color will be red this Christmas I thought the green and off white ones would look nice in there with the red. You know me though, I'll probably have to toss in some gold as well since I LOVE gold for Christmas decorating.


Amanda said...

It looks really nice in there. I want to see those Ginger bread men when you get them done! :)

21stCB said...

So COZY!!! This is my favorite arrangement thus far! Very cozy!