Monday, January 12, 2009

Buddy in His Car Seat

I wanted to show you all our little puppy, (Buddy) in his car seat I found the other day for .25 or .50, not sure which but either one was a bargain! LOL That way I didn't have to make it!!! :)

He really loves going bye bye. It's a good thing to! lol

You can't see the strap but he IS strapped in. :)


WhineNRoses said...

Hi Rose!!
Buddy is adorable in his little car seat and all!!!
Too too cute!!
How was your Christmas?
Hope you are doing well.

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Buddy is so cute! Now is that an actual doggy car seat? Cute!

Rose1957 said...

Yes Carolyn that's for the car. :) They have them at Pet Smart but they're anywhere from 30 bucks up. I just couldn't see paying that for it and was just going to make one until I found this one at my favorite junk store.
Thank you Jenn and Carolyn.
Jenn Christmas was great. Ate too much but it was nice and relaxing. I am getting over some sort of sinus crud I had but am getting better!