Sunday, January 4, 2009

What's up?

What's up with me now a days is I am sick with some kind of crud I have had sine like Thurs. night. DD (dear daughter) as has it. She got it on Wed. night from her boyfriend. She went to the Dr. on Fri. and he said she had the crud that was going around. She is feeling better as of yesterday evening due to her meds. I started taking Mucinex last night and I feel some what better today but am still drained. I'm just lying around letting DH (dear hubby) tend to everything so I can get well.
All the Christmas things still aren't put away but I'm almost positive they will be there when I can get to them. lol
I sure hope you all are well and having a great new year so far!!!

I wanted to post a couple links to some thing. I went to Romantic Homes (Cindy) and saw her tassels and just had to share this. Her blog link is on the right of my blog but here is the tut for how to make the tassels. They're making some really pretty ones!!!!

Hope you enjoy all the ideas!

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