Monday, January 5, 2009

Buddy And Feeling Some Better

I am feeling a little better today and am up and around a little TRYING to do some de-cluttering! Little piles here, little piles there are just getting on my last nerve. So I am trying to pick up some. Running out of energy really fast though. So I came to the computer to take a break. I put Buddy in his cage to take a nap to.
DH took Buddy to the vet today for his other round of shots and to be checked again for those pin worms and they are totally gone now he said. YEAH! He's gained a pound and a half as well. We knew he had gained more because you can almost see him growing. lol He's getting longer as well. He started him on Heartguard, the kind you put on their necks that is for fleas and stuff as well. I didn't know they had that.
He already knows what no no means and he wants to mess with the no no's SO BAD that he will stand back barking and growling at them. lol He is such a good dog and is really catching on to his potty training really well. He's started going to the back door when he needs to go out and potty. NOW we know that he needs to go because before he wouldn't do anything when he had to go. He's a very smart little dog and we sure are enjoying him.

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