Saturday, January 10, 2009


I got to get out by myself today and do some much needed me time. :) I went thrift store shopping and got several bargains. God richly blessed me several times today and I DO thank Him!!!! First off I found a Singer sewing machine for only 5.00 with it's own carrying case included. That's for my little friend that I am trying to help learn to sew. Then I also found one of the strap in car seats for our puppy and it wasn't but like .25 or .50. I had called my sister just a few days ago telling her I wanted to look at the one she had bought her dog so I could see how they were made because I wanted to make him one. Well now I don't have to. God truly does give me the desires of my heart! :) I found me a couple blouses at the same place. All of my items listed above included the two blouses were at the same place and it was 7.49 total.

Then when I got to the Salvation Army thrift store I found an attachment for a sewing machine that gathers and pleats your fabric for you. Since it didn't have a price on it I asked the guy in charge and I told him what it was and asked how much it would be and he told me .25! Thanked the Lord again! :) This was also for my little sewing buddy. :) When I bought mine years ago I paid over 20.00 for it at Sears. I also found a couple round pillows there as well for only 1.00 each. It seems they are being over ran with throw pillows so they have marked them down. lol One of them I bought is a very nice pillow from Penney's. The other one I mainly bought it for the round sponge it had in it.
I also found a precious little tea book and you know how much I like that! The name of the book is Scones, Muffins, Tea Cakes. It's a very pretty little book and that wasn't but 1.00. I can't wait to try out some of the recipes in it. I am wanting to have a Valentines Tea Party. :)

Here are pix of some of my bargains I found today. The bag thing hanging on my sewing chair is Buddy's car seat. I did leave some bargains as well. ;) I found a very nice wooden book shelf that I came sooooo close to buying. IF I could have just found an area in my house for it. It was only 15.00! BUT the only bad thing was it only had 2 move able shelves on it.

I really liked that blouse. I'm not a person that goes by style, I just buy what I like and I liked that blouse. lol
I bought several other things as well but didn't have pix of all of it. I got Buddy a couple stainless steel bowls at the Salv. Army thrift store for .25 each. I had fun as well. I really need to do this more often!!!

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