Monday, March 7, 2011

Getting Starting

We got started on the porch redo this morning. They got all the banister off and the one going down the steps as well. He’s going to put the one back on going down the steps but he had to remove it for now.

Here’s some progress pix. This is a long shot of the porch. One mega positive thing about this is, I WONT HAVE TO PAINT the post nor the banister anymore! Open-mouthed smile

start of porch 1


start of porch 3

Spruce boards going down to tie everything together with. He had to jack up the 4x4 poles to take the square piece of wood out from under them so he could do this board along the bottom.


The pieces of the banister, and the metal stuff from the vinyl siding. The wasps have already started! UGHH He got bit by one but was able to sling it off his wrist before it got him really good. Have I ever said how I HATE THOSE THINGS! That’s ONE MORE positive with this project! I wont have to fight those things anymore on the porch!


Another shot of the boards on the bottom he’s going to tie it altogether with. Hopefully it wont rain him out tomorrow so he can get a really good start on it. He’s going to lay a metal sheeting stuff that goes with our vinyl siding along the bottom edge of the porch and bend it with the metal bending thing so water will not go under the boards when it rains or blows rain.



More to come later. Smile


The Diva said...

Man, he's a fast worker to have gotten that done since he's having to work around Daddy and those coffee breaks! :-D

Rose1957 said... especially since he didn't get started until after 12 or 1 pm yesterday.