Monday, March 21, 2011

Shelves Above My Windows

Someone wanted to see my shelves we have above our windows. Hubby and I made them all. It’s not hard to do them the way we did them because you use the little 1x2 board to screw them into the wall with. The 1x2 board is under the top board that you sit things on the shelf and between the little legs as I call them.

OK now for the pix…..

This is the dining room ones. We made this set of shelves to go all the way around the room. What we did on this one is, we measured the walls on each side of the dining room and made those first. Then we measured and made the other two for the other two walls.



shelves 2

Now for the ones we made with the curtain rods in them for the living room.


I had to take my things off the shelves in the front of the house with all the hammering on the front porch. So they are empty. I painted them the same color as the wall because I wanted them to blend in and not stick out.


We have four windows in the living room.



A close up view.


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