Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Finding Favor With God

I was just sitting here doing my devotion today and had to share this because it is so good!

The devotion is called, Devotions for Women by Jill Briscoe and she was saying how Noah found favor with God and he was the ONLY truly righteous man in that time that did, and that he was a PLEASURE to God. (Gen.6:9) WOW I don’t know about you but the word pleasure struck a wow note with me. The first thing that comes to mind with me naturally is food! ha I find pleasure in chocolate desserts that have chocolate Jello pudding and graham cracker crust in them. Oh and pecans are even nice as well. I mean, I just LOVE those desserts most of all. They are like a comfort food to me and I can litterly go, ahhhhhhhhh when eating it.

So naturally since I get so much pleasure from some foods I thought, wow, he found pleasure to God. So I’m thinking does God go ahhhhhhhh when He sees me? How awesome to be a pleasure to God.

When we have children they are a pleasure to us when they are little and also sometimes as they grow older they’re also a pleasure to us especially when they’re doing right.

Like our kids, we’re either a pleasure to the Lord or we’re a pain as Jill says in the devotion. I added the kids part.

We need to find out how to bring pleasure to the Lord. She says sometimes we want to please Him but we don’t find out what to do to bring pleasure to Him. We’re mostly concerned on how He can please us. She says the first thing that pleases Him is our right behavior…. our holy living, even when no one is around.

Are we honest? Do we follow His commandments? How are our morals? Do we try our best to live like the Bible says to live?

When  God looks at us, are we a pleasure or a pain? Man how I want to be a pleasure to Him!!! I know that He looks upon my heart and He knows exactly what’s in it. He’s just so awesome like that. He knows just who I am like no one else does. He knows the REAL ME and He even loves me anyway. He knows what I am in need of even before I ask. He just asks us to ask anyway.

What can you and I do to be a pleasure to God? Not a pleasure to others, BUT a pleasure to God?

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