Tuesday, March 8, 2011

More on the Sewing Room

They made a little progress today. It’s really starting to take shape. This is going to be a nice size room and I’m getting excited.

Wanted to show you some pix.

This is from the north west side. All the areas outside will be covered with the same color vinyl siding we have on the house already.

Northwest side

Southwest side

southwest side best

Our front yard slopes downhill toward the pond that is in front of the house.


Inside the sewing room looking toward the west at the pond out front.

inside front toward pond

Inside looking toward the north side.

inside lights on

Looking toward the south. Two windows on each side in the front and one on the south side.

inside southwest windows

Standing on the north side trying to get the whole porch.

lights on inside long view from nothing

We even got out there and got the mess cleaned up while it was sprinkling. Just a little, not enough to get wet though.

OK I think I got all the angles. Winking smile Stay tuned for more. He said he might get rained out tomorrow from the way they’re talking on the weather channel.

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