Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cleaning and Organizing

Well I got a lot done today on the sewing room cleaning and organizing. I moved a couple of the items in there that I painted and vanished.

Filing cabinet and slelf

I’m HOPING this room is only temporary until my larger sewing room gets done. We’re waiting to find out just what it will run us to get the porch closed in. So I am going ahead with my organizing so at least I will have all of this done if it works out for us.

I will be putting my fabrics in the 4 cubby holes on the shelf. I got a lot done today but I had to quit because my back is NOT happy. Even part of my foot feels a little numb tonight which is not good.

Putting the pegboard on the metal shelf. I can hang my things on this and have them organized.

metal shelf with pegboard

Another shot with it finished.

metal shelf pegboard 4

Here it is with some of my rulers on it.

metal shelf pegboard w stuff

The magnetic board hung over the breaker box to hide it.

magnetic board hung

OK I think that’s about it. I will post more as I get more accomplished. I’m sitting with my ice pack now and I hope I can do some more soon.

To be continued…..

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The Diva said...

And having seen it personally, I know that it is beginning to shape up nicely and look VERY nice and organized!