Thursday, February 17, 2011


Got the two filing cabinets painted and varnished now and the 2 shelves painted and varnished. Now to let them dry and put them in place. Then I can paint and varnish the 4 drawer filing cabinet and be done with that one to.



varnished shelf 1


filing cab varnished

Last night I got all the magnets glued onto the little party favors. I repainted the inside edge of the frame also and got the piece of metal put into the frame. So that’s one more project finished. I’ve got to get all this done so I can have something to put my things into. I want to start wrapping the fabric around the boards but I don’t have anything to put it into yet. That’s why I am trying to get these shelves finished so they can dry. Below is the little party favors I bought and glued the magnets on for the magnetic board.

containers for magntic board

Then the one below is of the magnetic board.


The other filing cabinet that I varnished. LOL now that I look at the pic this looks really funny! lol I varnished them inside because there was little tiny bugs landing on all my things when I was trying to paint them yesterday. So I said well I’ll put the items on the table so I wont have to bend over them or crawl around on the floor. I had several windows open as well as the box fan turned on so don’t worry I had plenty of ventilation.

I am trying to figure out what I want to put in the smaller drawers. I am leaning towards lace and trims for those 4 drawers. I am going to roll the lace and trim up on little boards so those drawers should be good. I am going to organize my patterns in the two larger drawers and maybe store stabilizers in the tall side with the shelves. I put it up on some varnish cans so I would varnish all the way to the edge without getting it all over the paper and then it sticking to it. By the way, I paid 5.00 each for all these filing cabinets.

filing cabinet

Next is the shorter shelf that I varnished to. I will probably store my fabric in this one after I get it all rolled up on the boards.


shorter shelf

I’m trying to work a little each day on something for the sewing room so I can get it all done.

The guy is coming by tomorrow to look at the porch to see what all it will require to close it in and I am excited!

I sure wish I knew how to do the Mr. linky thing so I could get you all to show me your sewing rooms and how you organize your things and how you store your stuff etc. I’m sure you all have loads of ideas!!!

I just happen to think about another cute little cabinet I have out in the shed that a good friend of mine gave me. That would be so neat to store stuff in to. I need to put some shelves in it though. It has some really pretty doors on it.

Stay Tuned……

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